20 Biggest Health Excuses That Hold You Back

SKIN SPA NEW YORK – DAY SPA NYC – Exercise and nutritious eating have long been known to be the top ways to increase physical, mental and emotional health not to mention our physical appearance.  Yet for most Americans, consistently eating well and obtaining a regular exercise routine has proven to be a never ending battle.  Skin Spa New York, the top day spa in NYC, has uncovered this informative article by the writers of Prevention Magazine which sheds some light on why we avoid making the healthy choices we should:

20 Biggest Health Excuses That Hold You Back – From the top day spa in NYC

Stuck in a fitness rut? Too stressed out for sex? Bored with veggies? Here, new secrets to overcome the biggest roadblocks to the healthy life you’re aiming for

By Jessie Knadler

Spa CityWhat’s Holding Your Health Back?

As busy women know, coming up with good-for-you goals, such as snacking on more veggies or carving out enough “me time,” isn’t the issue. It’s making them stick—after January resolution season ends, when the going gets tough at work, when the kids need you. But, thankfully, there is plenty of good science on how to make your healt or fitness goals last for the long haul.

How? Successful changers seek out or stumble onto the right strategies. Weight loss, for instance, is challenging, but researchers have learned that regular weigh-ins increase the chances of success by more than 80%. And when you’re trying to get yourself up off the couch, having a plan B (like using an exercise DVD when rain dampens your enthusiasm for a power walk) makes you 20% more likely to become a habitual exerciser.

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A combination of healthy eating and exercise habits along with the rejuvenating services offered by Skin Spa New York, the top day spa in NYC, will help jump-start your health to the next level.  Call the best today to start feeling better than ever!

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