Ask An Expert!

Debbie - Lead Laser Esthetician in NYCMeet Debbie! She is our lead laser esthetician in our Midtown East / Murray Hill location and has been with Skin Spa for 2 years after transitioning over from the medical field. Debbie is a firm believer in advocating beauty as starting from within the body, as health and beauty are mutually constitutive. See below for some of her knowledgeable answers to your questions:

1. Tell us about a time your work really made a difference in a client’s life?

A young client of mine came to me with facial scarring. She was quiet, introverted and lacking in self-confidence. After adhering to a strict regimen of laser genesis and peels to promote
a coordinated symbiosis of collagen formulation and deep exfoliation, the scars were mitigated, and with that, her attitude changed completely. I remember when she told me that her friends were all asking her what she did to her skin to make it look so good. She was so happy. At that moment I felt fulfillment in my job.

2. What is your personal at-home skin care regiment?

I start by cleansing with the creamy cleanser from the PCA line. This cleanser leaves my skin feeling clean without stripping it of essential oils. I then use the nutrient toner, also from the PCA line, because the added nutrients leave my skin feeling very fresh and smooth. After that I apply GLO’s Remedy Gel that contains aloe vera, rose hip and a touch of hydrocortisone
for a calming effect. It counteracts any redness and irritation precipitated by my hypersensitive skin. Lastly, I use Peter Thomas Roth’s Max Sheer All Day Defense Lotion for hydration and protection from free radical damage.

3. What are your top 3 Skin Perfecting Tips:
a. Exfoliate 3 times a week on average with a good glycolic & salicylic acid wash (like Peter Thomas Roth’s Anti-Aging Cleanser)
b. Drink water!! Water is vital for healthy body function, nutrient transport, and toxin evacuation. It is recommended for women to drink 9 cups and for men to drink 13 cups of water per day. This number may vary depending on lifestyle, health condition, climate, and weight.
c. Wear sunblock of at least 30 SPF every day. A small travel size sunblock is ideal for reapplication throughout the day

4. What are your super food secrets to beautiful skin?

My super food secret to beautiful skin is plain Greek yogurt. I particularly prefer the Fage Total brand because it has a very high protein content. Collagen and elastin are proteins, so consuming these will make the skin firmer and keep insulin (an aging expeditor) at modest levels.