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NYC SpaSkin Spa NYC Spa – The fall and winter holidays are by design a time for comfort and indulgence, and thus can set us back from our goals to maintain fitness to combat aging. Some of us have fairly good control over our diet during non-holiday periods and then lose it as the holiday arrives. So how do we deal with such a situation, maintain our composure, and prevent lapsing into bad eating habits and make us feel, well, blah.

Rather than look to the food you eat at meal time, and risk messing with holiday tradition, consider focusing on what happens between meals. In particular, consider adding healthy in-between meal drinks that promote digestion, and keep your temptation for over-indulgence in check.

Skin Spa NYC Spa would like you to consider a couple of possibilities to help you combat aging and keep you feeling energized rather than lethargic through the fall and winter holidays.

African Red Rooibos

This African tea has a rich red color and a slightly sweet and nutty flavor. Fruit added by some producers may give it a pleasant tartness. It is naturally caffeine free, contains antimutagenic and antioxidant properties which, though not conclusive, may retard the aging process, and is low in tannins. [https://www.blueshieldca.com/hw/articles/hw_article.jsp?articleId=HWHN-3938007&fromCategoryId=33&_requestid=674743] Historically, this drink has been popular in South Africa. It is becoming increasingly popular in North America and around the world. Rooibos tea has a light consistency and a full, uniquely pleasant taste. Enjoy.

Green Tea

This tea of course has a long history in East Asia and is widely acknowledged around the world for its health benefits.  Preliminary research suggests that green tea may play a role in bringing down LDL cholesterol, reducing the risk of some cancers, improving fat burning potential and alleviating depression. [http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/ART03092/My-Life-With-Tea-Part-One.html] It does contain caffeine.
While consuming drinks like tea that have healing potential makes sense, employing a strategy to maintain a healthy diet regimen through the holidays makes sense too, helping you keep the balance necessary to keep healthy and combat the effects of aging.

Happy Holidays from Skin Spa NYC Spa!

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