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Express Sunless Tan

Express Sunless Tan
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Sunless Tan Description

A customized sunless tan in 1 - 3 hours!  Get Glowing!

Before Your Sunless Tan Session

Be sure to exfoliate and shave, wax, or laser within 24 hours prior to your tanning session.  Do not apply moisturizers or other barriers to the skin after showering, prior to your tan.  Wait a minimum of 1 hour after your tan to shower or perspire for best results.  

What Will Your Tan Look Like?

All shades are extremely natural and will fade like a real tan.  The initial color you see after your session is only a color guide, it will wash off with your first shower and you will see your beautiful developed tan underneath. 

"Buff & Glow"

Start your Sunless Tan with our Express Micro Buff Body Exfoliation: A 15-minute head to toe body scrub with Micronized Buffing Beads and Sea Loofah. Get Buffed ... Get Glowing!

Scrub ingredients:  Apricot Flower, Avocado, AHA lactic acids, Jojoba blend anti-inflammatory, Micronized Buffing Beads and Sea Loofah.