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Skin Spa NYC Spas – Socializing is known to play a huge part in a healthy life style. At Skin Spa NYC Spas we know that social events allow us an opportunity to bond with others. It reduces stress and aids in achieving a healthy outlook on life. Unfortunately, many of the traditional venues and activities used in many cultures as social events can have negative consequences on our physical health. From activities that are mainly stationary to events that involve unhealthy food, many of these can be damaging to our body. Skin Spa NYC Spas is happy to share with you this idea-filled article from Organic Spa Magazine to get you thinking about new ways to socialize that won’t show on your wasteline.

Many folks planning to celebrate traditional weddings or parties this season also aim to curb their budgets and try something unique. We asked Sophia Paliov in Los Angeles, an “active party planner” to show us how to shape up our own festivities
this season:
Game Night. Instead of hosting a typical game night with static board games, try one of the hyper Wii games for fun. “For kids’ parties and bar mitzvahs, I suggest the Just Dance, Sports Resorts, Wipe Out or Minute to Win It WII games,” says Paliov.
Bachelor(ette) Revelry. Morph your celebration into something healthy with golf getaways, badminton tournaments, tennis lessons for the wedding party or sushi-making dinners. “You can always do the spa afterwards,” says Paliov.
Summer BBQ. A poolside cookout is perfect! “Competitive games between all your guests, like water polo is ideal. “Everyone works up an appetite for the main course,” she says. “The invitation should remind your guests to bring swimsuits and sunscreen.”
Gal’s Night. These wild eves usually involve cocktails and fatty food, so turn it into a “Girl’s Workout Night” instead, and invite chicks over for a new DVD workout (try Pilates or belly dancing!). “It’s the best way to girl-bond, giggle, and get in shape,” says Paliov. Afterwards serve a low-cal meal you create together, such as salmon salads with wine spritzers…fun!
Park Picnics. Plan ahead when you pack. Family gatherings should include calorie-smoking volleyball games, a Hackey Sack or Frisbee, and balls for basketball or soccer. For more playful party ideas, log onto
Nicole Dorsey Straff is Organic Spa Magazine’s Contributing Editor of Play and Adventure.

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