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It’s no secret that today’s complex world can be a pressure cooker.  At Skin Spa NYC Spas we have seen that technology has put the world at our fingertips.  However, along with this information and opportunity overload, most of us have increased our expectations of ourselves and the world around us.  It’s no longer OK to be satisfied with our corner of the world and focus our efforts on perfecting it.  Now we need to constantly expand our awareness to make sure that we are not “missing out” on something; often stretching ourselves so thin that we cause ourselves stress and anxiety.

As much as we can’t slow down the world around us, or turn back the clock to a more simple time, there are some great strategies to help us relieve some of the pressures of modern life and find harmony in our lives.

At Skin Spa NYC Spas, we know that feeling confident about the way that you look is a huge key in reducing stress in our lives as well as improving our overall feeling of wellness. However, this is only one means to keeping sane in an ever-demanding world. Skin Spa NYC Spas would like to suggest a few steps that you can take today to experience a more serene life:

Identify what truly makes you happy – Skin Spa NYC Spas

It often takes a great reflective effort to figure out our motivation for doing what we do.  After all, many of our behaviors have been engrained in us since childhood and we’ve been acting them out for so long that we’ve forgotten the reason we began the activities in the first place.

At Skin Spa NYC Spas, we believe that this is where it’s important to look inside ourselves and observe our own feelings.  The best way to do this is to take a few days or more, and commit yourself to being conscious of your feelings as you move through your day.  Notice whether you are experiencing joy or pleasure from the actions that you take throughout the day.  Ask yourself what your purpose in doing each of the activities of your day is and consider what the consequences would be if you did not do it.

Once you’ve identified the purpose, ponder how important it is.  Is this a purpose that you have created?  Is it something that you feel society requires of you?  Is it a goal that you have taken on for someone else; whether consciously or unconsciously? At Skin Spa NYC Spas, we believe that taking the time out to consider these questions will, in time, reveal to you your priorities and help you to pare down your life where needed, or even choose a new direction if you find that your goals and activities are not truly internally generated.

Acting in congruence with your internal priorities can go a long way in reducing stress in your life, increasing motivation and increasing your sense of purpose.

Next week:  Nourishing positive thinking – Skin Spa NYC Spas

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