The Benefits of a Skin Spa NYC Microdermabrasion Treatment – Part 1

Microdermabrasion is quickly becoming one of the top non-medical anti-aging procedures offered today.  The treatment, first reserved for movie stars and the wealthy, has slowly seeped into mainstream America.  Although most people can identify it as a therapy that helps with the aging process, understanding how the procedure works and the advantages of a professional medi-spa application from Skin Spa NYC requires an understanding of the layers of our skin and each layer’s properties.

Understanding How Microdermabrasion Works
Microdermabrasion Treatment in NYC & Boston

Each of us has two main layers of skin, the epidermis and the dermis. The outermost layer of skin is called the epidermis.  It is comprised of an outermost layer of dead skin cells covering another layer of aging cells. This outside layer of dead skin cells is known as the stratum corneum. It is a protective layer of cells keeps the destructive influences of the outside world from damaging your skin by blocking all but the tiniest molecules. It is also the layer of your skin that, left alone, is responsible for the dull look of aging skin and it’s also the home of fine lines and other skin issues such as blemishes.  However, at the same time that it is protecting your skin from toxins and the elements, it can also block beneficial influences such as moisturizers and medications.

A spa microdermabrasion treatment from Skin Spa NYC works at the stratum corneum skin level to improve skin texture and rekindle your skin’s youthful glow.  We used a specialized, professional wand to both suction a small section of skin up and apply microdermabrasion crystals to slough-off the dry skin of the stratum corneum.  This specialized tool is the key to the amazing results that can be achieved with a spa microdermabrasion treatment from Skin Spa NYC.

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