A New Trend This Spring – Laser Hair Removal on the Feet

(OPENPRESS) May 27, 2011 — With an average person shaving 11,540 times in their lifetime, and a typical hair growth cycle of two days, women are turning their backs on their hairy areas, favoured by celebrities like Julia Roberts, and instead preferring the long lasting results of laser hair removal. Although the bikini, legs and underarms continue to be top of the laser list, the feet are becoming a popular area for women to have treated. This is often combined with treatments to the lower legs, and the Group revealed that 350 women booked foot treatments in the last two weeks of April alone.

Laser Hair Removal NY – As summer sneaks up on us, more and more people are realizing the benefits of laser hair removal. Whether you’re tierd of continually shaving to achieve the look that you want, are wanting smoother skin, or want to remove hair in some less traditional areas, laser hair removal is an increasingly popular choice.

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