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New Trend in Beauty: Eyebrow Extensions

Have you been dreaming of fuller brows? The big, bushy brows you see all over Instagram could be yours with a new trend in beauty—eyebrow extensions.

Eyebrow extensions are an easy and temporary way to fuller brows. But is the trend right for you? Are there any risks? Let’s dive into the specifics!

What are eyebrow extensions?

Eyebrow extensions are the cousin of eyelash extensions! Tiny brow hairs will be glued to your existing eyebrows to give you fuller brows in as little as 30 minutes at a salon.

Image source: Annette’s Hair Studio and Spa

Who can get eyebrow extensions?

Almost everyone is a candidate for eyebrow extensions—even those with no eyebrows! Eyebrow extensions are becoming more popular among people who have lost their eyebrows due to alopecia or chemotherapy.

How expensive are eyebrow extensions?

The average cost for eyebrow extensions $150. You could pay as little as $50 if you just need a few, or as much as $300 if you don’t have any existing hairs. (It takes longer and requires more false hair.)

What’s it like to get eyebrow extensions?

Arrive to your appointment with clean brows. Your licensed aesthetician will assess your brows, potentially marking out the shape of your new brows as a guide. Then, they’ll begin the gluing process. They’ll take one brow extension hair, dip it in the adhesive, and then attach it to an existing brow or your skin. The process continues until your look is complete!

Image source: Annette’s Hair Studio and Spa

How long do eyebrow extensions last?

Your new look will last at least a week, possibly up to four weeks depending on your routine.

How do you care for eyebrow extensions?

Avoid letting any water touch your new brows for the first 48 hours. From then on out, you can cleanse as you usually would, being extra gentle around your brows (no rough scrubbing). Avoid using oil-based products and touching your brows.

Can you remove eyebrow extensions?

If for some reason you hated your extensions, you can easily remove them with a remover (ask your aesthetician for a recommendation). Over the course of a few weeks, the individual brow hairs will naturally fall out on their own.

Image source: Annette’s Hair Studio and Spa

Are eyebrow extensions safe?

Yes, they’re safe! If you’re nervous about having a reaction to the glue, you can have your aesthetician do a patch test on the inside of your arm the day before your appointment to see if you have an allergic reaction.

What is the difference between eyebrow extensions and microblading?

In the quest for fuller brows, microblading has been king for many years. Microblading is the process of basically getting individual “brows” tattooed onto your skin to make your brows appear fuller. It’s a more permanent solution, and because it involves needles there is more risk. While your brows will look fuller, there isn’t a ton of definition because the “brows” are really just lines on your skin.

Eyebrow extensions, on the other hand, are more natural looking, as there are actual “hairs” versus just a tattoo. Eyebrow extensions are also safer, but don’t last for nearly as long. If you’re looking for a low-commitment way to experiment with your brows, eyebrow extensions are a great entry point!

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