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Know Before You Go

  • For your safety, we now require digital intake forms. We only accept credit card or contactless payments to ensure the health and safety of our clients and team.
  • Please ensure that you complete all required forms prior to arriving for your appointment. You will find the link to the forms at the top of your booking confirmation. If you did not receive a confirmation, please call us.
  • Gratuity may be given to your service provider through Venmo, Tippy or cash (locations being cashless, we unfortunately cannot provide change).
  • We do have a cancellation policy. Please reschedule or cancel your appointment at least 24-hours in advance to avoid a $50 Cancellation Fee.

Other Quick Tips:

1. While we have several locations, our peak times still tend to book up quickly: 
Try calling to schedule your appointments two weeks in advance if you have restrictions on time. 

2. If you prefer a male or female therapist for your massage appointment:
Alert the receptionist when you book your treatment. To many spa-attendees, it doesn’t matter, but it’s entirely up to the individual.

3. Make a trip to the restroom prior to a service
To avoid any disruptions during your treatment.

4. What to wear during the treatment: 
This, of course, depends on the time of treatment you are receiving. However, if you are receiving a full body treatment you may be in the nude, wear your underwear or use the disposable underwear provided by your therapist. Our spa therapists are taught draping techniques and the only part of the body exposed at one time is the part being worked on, so you will feel perfectly comfortable underneath the sheets and blankets.

5. Skin Treatments:
Let the esthetician know about your skincare concerns, history and goals. By having an honest consultation, you will receive your best results and ensure that you have a safe & effective treatment. Please disclose any medication intake to your service provider as it may 
interfere with your treatment or cause an adverse reaction. 

6. Massage:
Let the therapist know about your aches, pains, areas that need attention. Let your therapist know if the massage pressure is too hard, the wrap feels claustrophobic, the room is too hot or too cold, areas you prefer him to avoid or anything else that makes you feel uncomfortable. They won’t know unless you tell them.

7. It's your treatment and your time:
Let your technician know if you'd like to just relax or if you'd like for them to explain things as they go through the treatment. Sleeping through the treatment is completely normal too, never feel bad about determining how you'd like to spend your time with us.

8. We recommend 18%-20% gratuity for your service provider, left at your discretion:
At this time we accept Venmo or Tippy gratuities and contactless payments to ensure the health and safety of our clients and team. Being contactless, we unfortunately cannot provide any change.

9. Following a treatment, continue to take care of yourself:
Drinking water or herbal teas will also help flush out toxins. Reapply SPF if you will be spending time in the sun and avoid strenuous activities for the day.