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New York Beauty Brands We Know & Love

New York City is a place like no other. It’s full of character, cultures, and opportunity—but it’s also home to some of our favorite beauty brands.

As a NYC-based company ourselves, we love supporting fellow local beauty brands. Especially in this uncertain time, it’s so important to band together and support one another! We compiled a list of New York beauty brand we know as love, so you can show them some love!


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About Tula

Founded by Dr. Roshini Raj, a gastroenterologist and probiotics expert, Tula makes skincare powered by probiotics and superfoods. After seeing the effect of how probiotics improved her patients’ well being, Dr. Raj knew that that improvement could be applied to the skin.

Tula makes everything from cleansers to toners, from masks to serums, and more! Browse their whole collection here!

Why We Love Tula

Tula’s entire philosophy is built around “being healthy, not perfect & feeling confident in the skin you’re in.” We absolutely love this mindset, as everyone is beautiful the way they are! In addition, all of their products are 100% clean and free of toxins.

Our Favorite Tula Product


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About Bliss

Bliss started in 1996 with their innovative spa that took the intimidation out of going to a spa. Their bright color palette and friendly atmosphere have made Bliss a well-known spa chain, and their clean products—which are cruelty free and don’t contain any parabens or SLS—have taken the world by storm.

Why We Love Bliss

Their packaging alone is perfect for your next shelfie, but what’s inside them is just as good. Whether you’re looking to amp up your body or skincare routine, Bliss has a product for you! Find a Bliss Spa near you, or shop online!

Our Favorite Bliss Product


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About Glossier

Founded by Emily Weiss, who created the cult-fav beauty blog Into the Gloss, Glossier has become the beauty brand millennials turn to. Their minimalistic packaging houses simple yet innovative products that you turn to day after day.

Generation G and Boy Brow are two of their most popular products, and both have become beauty staples in many people’s cosmetics bags.

Why We Love Glossier

Glossier’s beauty philosophy is “Skin first, makeup second.” We absolutely love this mindset, as you should take care of your skin but wear makeup if you choose to do so! Having that “Glossier glow” starts with great skin, and we couldn’t be happier that such a well-known brand is promoting healthy skin!

Our Favorite Glossier Product


About Soapwalla

Soapwalla was born out of founder Rachel Winard’s need for skincare products that wouldn’t give her sensitive skin a reaction. Made in Brooklyn, their products span a wide range, including face wash, lip balm, and deodorant cream. Everything is sustainably made and is created with a focus on how it will affect not only your skin, but also the environment.

Why We Love Soapwalla

We love that Soapwalla is transparent about everything that goes into their products. They abide by the philosophy that if you wouldn’t put it in your body, you wouldn’t put it on your body, so all of their products are edible! (Although you probably wouldn’t want to eat them!)

Our Favorite Soapwalla Product

thom elzner skincare

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Thom Elzner Skincare

About Thom Elzner Skincare

Thom Elzner Skincare is brought to you by the experts at yours truly — Skin Spa New York! From everyday essentials like cleanser and moisturizer to more targeted treatments like serums and masques, this brand brings their proprietary HydroTech bio-complex to your house! Each product awakens and strengthens your skin’s defense mechanism, allowing it to rejuvenate and nourish itself at a cellular level.

Why We Love Thom Elzner Skincare

We don’t only love this brand because they’re our sister company — we also love them because they create high-quality products that give you a spa experience at home! If you can’t make it to the spa regularly, this line of products allows you to get a similar experience in the comfort of your own home, which is especially handy during times of quarantine!

Our Favorite Thom Elzner Skincare Products

Thom Elzner Skincare has combined all the products you need into self care packages so you can save money and get every product in your skincare regime. Our Hydrate & Chill package is popular because it has your essentials - PH Toner, Hydrating Masque, Daily Moisture, and a Gua Sha Stone.

Hit House

About Hit House

Hit House is a Muay Thai fitness studio in Manhattan. Through energetic kickboxing, you'll learn to punch and kick your way to a stronger body! By using a traditional boxing bag in a boutique studio, you'll get a great workout in a beautiful place!

Why We Love Hit House

Beauty is about more than just healthy skin — it's also about physical health, which is why we love Hit House! Their beliefs aligns with everything we believe in, too: "We encourage self-confidence over self-importance. Ambition over arrogance. We welcome swagger and individualism. You'll be a lover and a fighter."

Our Favorite Hit House Product

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