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What's the Best Hair Removal Method?

If you’re someone who chooses to remove body hair from certain parts of your skin, you know the struggle of having to keep up with it on a regular basis. There are a lot of types of hair removal, each with their benefits and drawbacks.

Whether or not you choose to remove your body hair, there are quite a few options to temporarily or permanently get rid of body hair. We’ve outlined the top ways to remove hair here!


This is probably the most popular method of hair removal. It’s affordable, and it can easily and quickly be done at home. Shaving removes the visible hair, not the follicle, so your hair will grow back more quickly than all other methods.


Shaving is the most affordable body hair removal option, making it extremely popular. Depending on your hair type and how often you shave, you might be able to use a razor blade for a month or more.

You can choose how often to shave, which is an advantage for some. If you change your mind and decide you don’t want to remove your hair, you can, since shaving isn’t a permanent removal solution.


If you have thick, coarse body hair, shaving can be a pain. Your razors will dull out faster, and you’ll need to shave slowly.

Some people experience irritation while shaving, including redness, razor bumps, ingrown hairs or itching. And while shaving is popular and contemporary razors minimize injury, it is still possible to cut yourself while shaving, especially on curved areas such as the knee or ankle.

Shaving is not a permanent form of hair removal. Depending on how quickly your hair grows back, you might need to shave a couple times a week.

Depilatory (Chemical Hair Removal)

Chemical hair removers, such as Nair™, dissolve visible hair, not the hair follicle. You simply rub the cream, gel, or lotion on your skin, let it set for a little while, and then wipe off with a washcloth.


If you have thick, coarse hair and only shave on certain occasions, depilatories might be a great option, as they quickly remove even the tough-to-shave hair.

For some people, using chemical hair removers saves them time, as they can complete other tasks while the chemicals go to work.


Because depilatories are chemicals, people with sensitive skin might experience some kind of reaction. You should always patch test first to make sure you won’t experience any adverse side effects.

In order for chemical hair removers to work their best, you have to have a decent length of body hair (it won’t work well on stubble).


Waxing is the process of applying a warm wax to your skin, placing a strip of fabric on top, and then ripping it off in one fluid motion to remove the entire hair follicle. ALternatively, there are hardwax methods, which do not require fabric application as the wax hardens enough to work as the binding property as well as the “strip”.


The hair removal results you’ll experience from waxing last much longer than shaving—often up to a couple weeks–because the entire hair follicle is being removed, not just the hair you can see on your skin. For some, the convenience of not having to shave and maintain smooth skin is entirely worth it!


Waxing can be expensive and is not a permanent solution, though the results are longer lasting than what you experience from . While you can attempt to wax at home, going to a salon or spa to get it done will likely result in better (and possibly less painful) results. When you receive a waxing treatment at Skin Spa New York, we ensure no double dipping, sterile waxing procedures, and hard and soft wax options.

Many people steer clear of waxing because they find it painful. And if you’ve ever had a bad experience from waxing, such as accidentally removing a layer of skin, you’ll know the extra pain risk associated. Others experience harsh reactions to the wax itself.


A similar procedure to waxing, sugaring is simply a less harsh alternative. It follows the same process, except instead of using warm wax it uses an all-natural blend of sugar and glycerin, which is better for people who experience irritation from wax.


Like waxing, sugaring will deliver longer-term hair removal than shaving or chemical hair removers because it removes hair starting at the follicle. Your skin will be smooth for up to a month.


Some people might still experience irritation from sugaring, although the risk is often less than that of waxing. However, there is still a risk of an untrained professional accidentally removing skin in addition to hair, 

And, like waxing, sugaring can be expensive if you go to a professional every time, but you’ll likely experience better and more consistent results.


Laser hair removal is an increasingly popular option for anyone looking to permanently remove hair from any number of body parts. In just a few treatments, you can lessen the need to shave or wax, saving you time and money in the long run!


Lasering is a permanent hair removal solution, unlike the other options listed here. In as few as six treatments, you can experience a 70–90% permanent removal of unwanted hair.

While you’ll have more up-front costs associated with lasering, you’ll experience permanent hair reduction, so you’ll save money in the long run!

All skin types can be treated with the lasers. Nd:YAG is safe for all skin types, especially dark and sun-tanned skin, while the diode laser is safe on light and medium skin tones. Skin Spa New York offers both types of laser treatments, and our professionals will determine which option is right for you.


Laser hair removal isn’t for everyone—those with blonde, red, or very thin hair are not good candidates, as the laser won’t be as effective at removing the unwanted hair.

Some people may experience a slight burning or heated sensation during the treatment, or experience irritation afterwards.

What Do We Suggest?

While laser hair removal is the most expensive method initially, over the long run it saves you money and helps you avoid the other harsher methods of hair removal. This is why we would suggest this method out of all your options. We understand that laser hair removal is not a fit for everyone so if that’s not a top choice for you we suggest waxing or sugaring. Using depilatory creams can be unpredictable so that should be a last resort. When introducing chemicals to your skin, it’s hard to know how your body will react. It can cause burns and irritation if there’s a negative reaction. 

At Skin Spa, we offer both waxing and laser hair removal so our professional can help choose what’s right for you. We have three convenient ways to learn more about our hair removal options: call us, purchase online or visit our NY locations (when it’s safe to do so)!

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