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When Should You Consider Collagen Induction Therapy

Collagen Induction Therapy (also referred to as CTI or microneedling), is a safe, effective treatment that is becoming increasingly common in the skincare industry! This treatment can be used to address a variety of skin concerns, making it popular with people of all ages and skin types!

It’s important to note that while this treatment can be done at home, there are notable risks, and we always recommend seeking out this treatment from a licensed aesthetician or dermatologist. You will always see better, more effective results by seeing a professional!

With that being said, there are certain times you should consider collagen induction therapy. While this treatment is one of the most versatile, there are specific times that this treatment will be more effective. In addition, it is better served to treat some skin issues than others!f

Here is a breakdown of when you should consider collagen induction therapy!

To Treat Scarring

One of the most popular ways that microneedling is used is to treat various kinds of scarring that can appear on the face. Collagen Induction Therapy can help acne scars, as well as helping to reduce the appearance of sun spots and hyperpigmentation.

You’ll likely see improvements in your skin after the first treatment, but collagen induction therapy is most effective after three or more treatments. After that, you can keep up with the treatments by spacing them out by recommendation of your skincare specialist!

Before Applying Serums

Your dermatologist or aesthetician may apply serums or moisturizers to your face after you undergo a collagen induction therapy treatment. Because of the micro-injuries on your skin, these serums are better able to absorb and penetrate the skin after a microneedling treatment. They’ll sink deeply into your skin to rehydrate and refresh your skin more than they can without the micro-injuries that create temporary openings in the skin.

Several Days Before a Big Event

We never recommend getting a treatment like collagen induction therapy right before a big event (like a wedding, gala, or photoshoot) because there is the slight chance that you could experience some irritation post-treatment. The most common forms of irritation are redness and tightness that may feel similar to a sunburn, these should fade in the first 72 hours.

However, by spacing out a few microneedling treatments in the weeks preceding your big event, with the last treatment taking place a week before, you can get your skin in tip-top shape and see visible results!

As a Preventative Treatment

Collagen Induction Therapy is a great preventative treatment if you are looking to prevent or reverse early signs of aging. Because the process increases collagen production in the skin, you’ll likely notice a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles as well as firmer, smoother skin.

As stated earlier, you’ll likely see results after each treatment, and results are cumulative, so you’ll see enhanced improvements with each monthly treatment. After your series of 3-6 treatments, the results can be maintained with treatments spaced a few months apart. Always speak with your dermatologist or aesthetician to find out the best procedure frequency for your skin.

After a Breakout

Microneedling cannot be used on active acne, so you must wait to pursue this treatment until your breakouts have subsided and completely gone away. However, CTI is highly effective at treating acne scars, so make an appointment after your acne is no longer active and you are looking to treat the scarring! CIT works to boost collagen production which will smooth uneven texture caused by previous acne. 

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