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Lumecca Body (per area)

Lumecca Body (per area)
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Ideal for the shoulders, neck, or décolleté as well as other areas overexposed to the sun’s rays (i.e. back, arms, hands etc.).  Our Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photo rejuvenation treatment treats hyper-pigmentation and sun damage.  Discoloration and pigmentation irregularities will dissolve and fade through this high-tech treatment and complexion will look brighter and more even overall.

Each area is broken down as follows:

  • right upper or lower arm
  • left upper or lower arm
  • right décolleté
  • left décolleté
  • upper or lower back
  • hands

Recommended for lighter skin types; inadvisable for sun-tanned or sunburned complexions.

Persons taking antibiotics or other photosensitizing medications should not be treated due to contraindications.