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Facial Spa Safety 101 in the Time of COVID-19

The pandemic is now officially one-year-old, but we’re still getting questions about whether or not Skin Spa is open! Like the rest of the world, we hunkered down in the early days of the shutdown to prepare our laser and facial spa to emerge into a changed world. 

COVID-19 is still here, but with the changes in our protocol, we’ve been able to safely treat clients in our medi-spa, following all tracing requirements without a single instance of spreading the virus! In order to reopen, we adhered to New York standards in both our NY and Massachusetts locations as the NY standards and regulations are a bit more stringent.   

Facial spa safety, woman wearing face shield while giving a young woman a facial massage

We understand that you might have questions or concerns about visiting a laser and facial spa during a pandemic. To give you peace of mind, we’re sharing all the upgrades and changes we’ve made in order to best serve our clients and staff, as well as changes we’re continuing to make based on our experiences and the latest information. 

All facial spa employees wear KN95 or N95 face masks and facial shields when necessary. 

During the shutdown at the beginning of the pandemic, we focused our resources on obtaining all the necessary PPE (personal protective equipment) for our staff. Additionally, employees wear face shields in any and every session where the client’s face mask cannot be worn.

Less people are allowed inside at all times. 

Like many other businesses, we reduced the amount of people allowed inside at any given time. This applies to both laser and facial spa clients and our employees. 

Facial spa safety, woman wearing face shield giving massage

HEPA filters were installed throughout our facial spa. 

Proper ventilation is an important environmental change we were able to make in order to protect our clients and staff. HEPA, which stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air, filters can without a doubt help reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission through the air, so we installed them throughout our HVAC systems in all our spas. In addition to that, each facial spa room was given its own individual HEPA filter for even more protection. 

We require monthly COVID testing for all staff and symptom checkers/questionnaires for staff and clients alike. 

The immediate implementation of monthly COVID tests for our staff was critical to safely reopen. In addition to the temperature checks which have become de rigueur just about everywhere, we also implemented a COVID symptom checker that every client and staff member must fill out prior to entering the spa. 

This includes all the standard questions required by state regulations, such as whether or not they’ve traveled in the last 14 days, as well as more specific questions that we’ve identified ourselves, such as whether or not the client is currently waiting for COVID test results. 

Facial spa safety, masked woman getting the massage table ready

We ditched our paper forms and our waiting room. 

Last but not least, you won’t find a single paper intake form at Skin Spa these days. We switched all our paper forms to digital forms, alongside new contactless payments and Venmo gratuities instead of cash. (Don’t forget to tip your service provider!) The waiting room and common areas are a thing of the past, for now. No one is allowed to sit and wait inside. 

It’s been quite a process, with a learning curve or two, but thanks to our commitment to the protocols – enhanced and upgraded PPE, temperature checks upon arrival, screening staff and clients, HEPA filtration, contactless everything – alongside the use of all hospital-grade sanitation supplies, we’re proud to provide and maintain a safe, clean medi-spa experience for all our clients. From microneedling and dermaplaning to body sculpting and massage, rest assured that your safety and health are our priority at Skin Spa! 

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