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Kate Hudson Says the Results From this Skincare Device Are “Actually Shocking”

If there’s one skincare device that comes up when discussing celebrity beauty routines, it’s the NuFace. The laundry list of A-listers the microcurrent device has been associated with includes Jennifer Aniston, Bella Hadid, Elizabeth Olsen, and now, according to a new interview with Mindbodygreen, so is Kate Hudson.

The actress and entrepreneur described her beauty and wellness routine, which includes the NuFace — a device that tones, lifts, increases collagen production, lessens wrinkles, and improves contours by sending low levels of microcurrents beyond the skin’s superficial layers to the muscles. “When I do the NuFace every day, I feel a huge difference in my skin. I was not expecting that… it's actually shocking,” says Kate, noting that she initially thought of these types of devices as “gimmicky.”

NuFace Trinity

As long as you think of the NuFace as “a marathon [and] not a sprint,” you’ll be impressed with the results hundreds of five-star reviewers claim to experience. Users claim they’ve seen “a big difference around [their] jawline,” and that skin that is “clear and taut.”

The key, according to Kate Hudson, is “using it consistently… the more consistent you use [it], the better.”

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