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What Is AviClear? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Laser Treatment for Acne

If you struggle with acne, you’ve probably tried just about everything to combat it—from topical treatments to dietary changes to good old-fashioned makeup camouflage. For many people, acne is simply a fact of life. But for those with severe acne, it can be a source of genuine misery—and unfortunately, there’s no quick cure for acne. 

The good news is, AviClear, a new state-of-the-art laser treatment, may be the closest thing yet to permanent acne treatment. AviClear is an FDA-approved laser treatment that targets your skin’s sebaceous glands to treat mild to severe acne

How Does AviClear Work?

AviClear works by targeting your skin’s sebaceous glands to prevent the overproduction of sebum. Acne is caused when excess sebum combines with dirt, dead skin, and pollution, leading to small, localized infections. By suppressing the sebaceous glands, AviClear prevents one of the root causes of acne. By limiting oil production, AviClear allows you to drastically diminish the severity of breakouts. 

What to Expect at Your Appointment

During your AviClear appointment, your technician will use a small, 1726-nanometer laser to suppress your sebaceous glands. The laser is designed with a special cooling feature to make the process more comfortable for patients. You may feel a slight burning sensation and mild pain in sensitive areas. Each treatment lasts about 30 minutes, and most people only need three treatments total, spaced 4 weeks apart. 

You can go about your day as usual following your AviClear treatment. Simply apply sunscreen as you normally would and avoid heavy, occlusive products such as petroleum jelly. 

Is AviClear Safe? 

AviClear is a safe, non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment with no significant risks. While there aren’t any major side effects, many patients experience an acne flareup in the days following the treatment. However, instances of breakouts tend to become more infrequent with each treatment. We recommend alternating every two weeks with Laser Genesis (1064 yag Laser) to minimize flare ups in between.

How Long Do AviClear Results Last?

AviClear is a relatively new treatment, having only just been approved by the FDA in 2022. Still, the preliminary results are very promising. The vast majority of patients—over 90%—see significant improvement in the three months following the third treatment. At the six month mark, results are even more pronounced, with more than three quarters of patients reporting continued satisfaction with their results up to 2 years.

How Much Does AviClear Cost?

AviClear can cost anywhere between $4,000-$5,000 for three treatments. The treatment cost varies between patients and providers. To get a quote, speak to a provider near you. And remember, most medical spas and healthcare providers can work with you on a payment plan that suits your financial needs, so don’t be discouraged by the price tag.

While AviClear is an investment, most patients find that they spend much less money on topical treatments, makeup, and other acne-related skin care expenditures over time.

Final Thoughts

Anyone who’s struggled with acne knows how frustrating it is to try everything under the sun and still struggle with embarrassing breakouts. If you’re tired of spending time and money on treatments that don’t work, it may be time to consider AviClear. Talk to your Skin Spa professional about AviClear to start your journey to clearer skin!

Meet the author

Katie Werbowski
Director of Brand Strategy & Development at Skin Spa New York

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