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Fit Face Microcurrent Facial

Fit Face Microcurrent Facial
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Fitness for Your Face™ is an invigorating microcurrent NuFACE treatment that delivers visible anti-aging results without any downtime. The treatment utilizes anti-aging infusion serums that nourish the skin, while employing soft wave microcurrent technology to enhance facial contour, skin tone, and revive the eye and lip area. Within 30 minutes, you will experience a rejuvenated and refreshed appearance.

Aging happens to everyone, and over time, even the most youthful face will show signs of aging due to environmental damage and blemishes. The energizing and refreshing NuFACE treatment removes visible wrinkles and lifts and tones your facial contours. Our Microcurrent Facial utilizes soft-wave technology to tighten and revitalize your face and neck gently.

Great For:

  • Anti-aging
  • Toning and firming skin

What can you expect after a Fit Face Microcurrent Facial at Skin spa new york?

Reduction in fine lines

Lessen the appearance of forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, and laugh lines.

Lifted and toned facial contours

Microcurrent Facials energize face muscles that give a lifted appearance.

Improved skin tone and texture

With the improved collagen production comes smoother and more even skin!

Revitalized eyes and neck

The anti-aging nature of a Microcurrent Facial lifts your eyes and lips, some of the first areas affected by aging.

More youthful skin

Your skin will appear younger because of the increased collagen and elastin production, which will continue to repair your skin!

Reduced blemishes

The appearance of blemishes or age spots have the potential to be reduced as well because your skin will naturally repair itself.


What are the benefits of pairing Microcurrent Facials with microdermabrasion?

When Microcurrent Facials are paired with our signature microdermabrasion treatments and clarifying facials, you’ll see a significant improvement in the shape and color of your skin. Strip away years of environmental damage and pollutants with this noninvasive and relaxing therapy.

Who is a candidate for a Microcurrent Facial?

Are you looking to lift and firm your skin and minimize fine lines and wrinkles? If yes, then you’re a candidate for a Microcurrent Facial. Microcurrent technology improves your facial contours and skin tone and revitalizes your lip and eye areas. This type of facial is also best for people looking for a noninvasive anti aging treatment.

What type of Microcurrent Facials are available at Skin Spa New York?

We offer both Microcurrent Facials and microcurrent brow treatments for a smooth, fresh, and youthful look. Give your face a new life and achieve a gorgeous brow lift that wows! With our premier microcurrent methods, your brows will be treated with soft-wave microcurrent technology that improves eyebrow contour, revitalizes your eyes, and gives you beautiful, youthful, visible results.

What is the process for getting a Microcurrent Facial at Skin Spa?

We begin delivering a very low voltage of precise electrical current to a cellular level of the skin and muscle. The microcurrent technology utilizes soft-wave therapy to lift and tone the contours of your face while removing wrinkles and unsightly blemishes. Anti-aging infusion serum is then applied to your skin to further refresh and revitalize your appearance. Our trained aestheticians will ensure you feel at ease throughout the process, and we’re happy to answer your questions.

How long is the treatment?

When you think of facials, you may imagine painful chemical peels and long hours beneath bright lights. In reality, today’s latest facials are painless, quick, and effective. Our energizing NuFACE 30-minute Microcurrent Facial is a must-have for achieving visible anti-aging results with no downtime.

How does microcurrent work?

Microcurrent is positive and negative electric currents that mimic the body's natural current to stimulate muscles, and essentially provide a "work-out" for your face. Our face is the only area where the muscles connect directly to the skin tissue and so we can easily stimulate the muscles with this technology.

You will see more lifted eyelids, smoother lines around the lips and eyes and more sculpted cheekbones.

Am I candidate for Microcurrent?

Microcurrent is a safe, noninvasive procedure that’s beneficial for all different skin types looking to revive their skin and lift and sculpt their facial contours.

If you have epilepsy, are pregnant or breast-feeding or have current breakouts, you are not a candidate for this treatment.

Is Microcurrent painful?

Microcurrent uses an ultrasonic gel as a conductor for the current to penetrate the skin and stimulate the muscle. Therefore you feel very little on the surface of the skin, you may feel some slight tingling near the hairline, and may taste a metallic taste in your mouth if you have metal fillings, however the procedure is quite relaxing. You may resume normal activity immediately post-treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

You will see a temporary lift after one treatment, however for long-term benefits, we recommend purchasing a NuFace device to use at home for 5 minutes a day or coming for 6 treatments, up to 2 times per week for maximum results. 

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