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Find Your Perfect Spa Service Based On Your Job

With the amount of spa treatments and services available these days, from medi-spa treatments like Forma Face Sculpting to body care like a Deep Tissue Massage, you may find yourself faced with option overload. Luckily, we’re breaking down the possible choices based on the industry in which you work. From chefs to chemists, find your perfect spa service below!

Agriculture & Food

Keeping it earthy for this industry which is all about what comes from the earth: agriculture and food! Whether your job finds you in the supply chain or on the hospitality end of the agricultural spectrum, don’t forget about the importance of self-care. 

We think a soothing Himalayan Hot Stone Massage the essential spa treatment of choice. The Himalayan stones contribute healing energies to recharge you, much-needed after a long day in the field or kitchen. 


It’s no secret that the healthcare industry has been deeply mobilized thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, with citizen workers emerging as downright heroes, carrying the world to safety. If you’re in this field, we truly salute you.

We also believe you should treat yourself with a Custom Facial, specialized for exactly what your body needs. We have three custom options: our Signature Skin Spa Custom Facial, a personalized experience tailored to your needs, including cleansing, toning, and steam extractions; the Gua Sha, which incorporates anti-inflammatory and anti-aging Gua Sha massage techniques; and the Hi-Frequency customization, which adds a bacteria-fighting hi-frequency treatment, ideal for that super deep cleanse with an extra boost to battle pollutants. You truly deserve it! 

Woman getting a custom facial spa service

Arts & Media

The arts and media field is vast, encompassing sculptors and painters as much as news anchors, radio hosts, journalists, and actors. Our laser treatment, In The Spotlight, immediately stood out as the perfect service for those in this highly visible and visual industry. 

Ideal for anyone who is the center of attention, whether by choice or through the power of their work. This service reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars, so you’ll be ready for the spotlight, from the red carpet to the gallery wall. 

Marketing & Sales

Appearances aren’t everything, but when you’re in marketing and sales, they can certainly help. Whether you’re working toward exceeding your monthly sales goals or crafting marketing campaigns to get your clients through Q4, looking and feeling good may just be the confidence-booster you need to push through. 

Laser Hair Removal is the perfect spa service for the ambitious, hardworking minds that tend to go into the marketing and sales fields. Not only will this treatment remove undesirable body hair, but it also inhibits razor burn from shaving, saving you a step or two. 

Woman getting the spa service laser hair removal at a medi-spa Skin Spa New York


Educators, we believe the best spa service for you is one that has benefited from more education around chemical peels: our PCA Corrective Peel, considered one of the top five non-surgical procedures to enhance the texture and appearance of skim. These cosmetic treatments have greatly been improved thanks to more education and knowledge, and none of the pain or raw skin of the first chemical peels back in the ‘90s. 

The PCA peels of today have been polished and perfected to deliver skin rejuvenation without the downtime of surgery or the burning imparted by the peels of yore. Perhaps best of all, ours are customized to improve your skin type – oily, dehydrated, sun damaged? No problem!

Law & Public Safety

Ladies and gentlemen of the Beauty Beat, this spa service is in session and we sentence you to a Power Peel! From officers of the law to lawyers, judges, and even bailiffs, high-powered jobs call for Power Peels to counteract the effects of all the hard work. 

Power Peels offer exfoliation without abrasion or much downtime. A path toward smoother skin, reduced appearance of scars, and faded hyperpigmentation, whether from acne scars or sun spots, this treatment is also effective for other parts of the body apart from the face!

Woman getting the spa service Power Peel at the medi-spa Skin Spa New York


In the finance industry, it pays to be competitive and confident. Financiers are dedicated, focused, and often pay an extraordinary attention to detail. That’s why we think Microdermabrasion is the perfect spa service for anyone in the finance field, delivering fast yet visible results, much like the work itself. 

Microdermabrasion minimizes pores and fine lines, eliminates white and black heads, and polishes dull skin – the professional-grade exfoliation you need. Better still, the process is uncomplicated and promises almost zero down time, so you can get right back to work. 

Science & Technology

For those in the science and technology sector, we had to pair you up with one of the more high-tech spa services available: BodyFX it is! BodyFX utilizes InMode Aesthetic Solutions Technology, said to be the only platform that provides the latest in light, laser, and radio frequency tech. 

This state-of-the-art technology is used to reduce cellulite, smoothen and tighten skin, and even has the ability to permanently destroy fat cells. A noninvasive alternative to surgical procedures, this treatment is so safe, quick, and straightforward that there’s no downtime at all! 

Woman getting the Body FX body sculpting spa service at the medi-spa Skin Spa New York

Architecture & Construction

If you’re working in this industry, it’s likely that you spend a decent amount of time outside. Maybe you’re inspecting the new window frames that were just ordered, taking measurements for a new fence to be installed, or supervising construction itself. Our Oxygen Facial is the ideal choice for you, as this facial is perfect for treating environmentally damaged or dehydrated skin. 

Not only does it hydrate thirsty skin and minimize fine lines, but this specialty serum-infused treatment also boosts the vitality of skin while increasing absorption of key vitamins and nutrients, too. 

Which spa service did your career direct you toward? Whether you need a hot massage, laser hair removal, or a power peel, there’s an ideal spa service for every field. Find your perfect treatment now and book your appointment at a Skin Spa near you!

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